Being Featured on Discover

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to follow my blog and/or leave a comment since it was featured on WordPress Discover. I’ve received many kind words about the featured post, On Anonymous Blogging, and also about other pieces of my writing. The positive response has been overwhelming and I’m really humbled by it all! Thanks again everyone, I hope you enjoy reading my future posts, and I look forward to checking out your blogs too.

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On Anonymous Blogging


It’s the mid-noughties. I’m at university, London is blowing my mind, and I’m tapping away on my LiveJournal like my life depends on it. I’m documenting all of my experiences, preserving them through writing, and reading the blog posts of strangers around the world doing the same. I’m reading (and writing) about breakups, sex, mixtapes, road trips, family drama, and beautiful vignettes about places visited, or wild nights out, or a feeling.

I treated my LiveJournal as a kind of late night confessional, a place to process and unpick and get things off my chest. There was no Twitter, no Instagram, no Snapchat back then. Facebook was just taking off, the wifi connection in our halls of residence was patchy at best, and everyone still spent hours creating MySpace layouts. People didn’t think about ‘managing’ their online presence. Anonymity still had value on the internet, in fact it was the norm.

Skip to 2017 and almost all of that is gone. Reddit is the only mainstream site that springs to mind when I try to think of an online community that has anonymity at its core. Everywhere you look now people are creating glossy narratives about their lives on myriad social media accounts, and the kind of unfiltered ramblings that were the norm on sites like LiveJournal are just a dim memory. Selfie-consciousness reigns supreme.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what all this means for writers, and for me as a writer. My writing developed through the act of ‘journaling’, particularly online journaling; it’s the kind of writing I know best and am most comfortable with. As I’ve got older I’ve journaled less and less (something I’m trying to remedy with this blog), mostly, I suppose, because of time restraints and the fact that life becomes kind of routine with age. But the changing landscape of blogging and the relentless rise of social media has also had a huge impact.

The move from long-form writing to ‘micro-expression’ on sites like Twitter was the beginning of the end for the traditional personal blog. No one wanted to read a page of text anymore, why would you when everything can be neatly expressed in 140 characters? I fell into the habit of tweeting and found that I wrote – and wanted to write – less and less. After a while this left me feeling kind of empty. I can’t help but think that in the process of cutting down the amount we write we’re forgetting how to meaningfully write about ourselves and our lives.

Perhaps even more damaging than the micro-expression exodus has been the move towards almost total non-anonymity online, a change which has radically altered how people write about and present themselves on the internet. We have lost something in this merging of our online and offline selves. Anonymous blogs (even anonymous social media accounts, trolls aside) can be very engaging because there is less of a tendency to present yourself or your life as a ‘brand’. You’re completely free to be honest and vulnerable. This is what lies at the heart of good writing, and so by extension good blogging.

I miss the abundance of thoughtful, honest, creative writing that was around in those LiveJournal years. Yes, there was a lot of guff in the mix, a lot of badly written, ‘I’m bored so I guess I’ll write this post’ posts, but when it was good it was really good because people really opened up. The combination of anonymity and long-form writing being the norm created something beautiful and real. Thankfully, this fragile thing still exists in various corners of the internet, not least here on WordPress (LiveJournal has long since become a blog graveyard). For that, at least, I am grateful. I look forward to reading about your messy, imperfect lives soon.

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First Poetry Collection – Nothing but the Rain


My first poetry collection, Nothing but the Rain, is ready to be released into the wild. I have handmade each one, and will be leaving them in random places – both locally and further afield – for strangers to stumble upon. I hope someone, somewhere, enjoys it!

If you’ve found a copy I’d love to hear from you – you can leave a comment below.

If you’d like me to post a copy to you (free of charge) please send an email to with your name and address.

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Dancing with the Flame

November 5th bonfire

Is there anything more primeval than gathering round a bonfire? Fire is elemental, still seems magic. It brings us closer, to each other and to our shared histories. Staring into the flames connects us with our ancient past, our ancestors, for whom this wild flickering spirit was the difference between life and death. We stand together, warming. Watching the golden-orange sparks drift into the inky night sky, like so many souls ascending.

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